My name is Asena Degirmenci and I am currently studying for a M.A Multimedia Journalism degree in print and online journalism at the Universiy of Westminster.

A little bit of background information about me: I was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I am of Turkish and Greek descent—hence the complicated long name. (Pronounced AH-SEH-NA, not AH-SEE-NA).

I didn't always study in the field of journalism. In 2017, I graduated with a B.A of Linguistics at the University of British Columbia. It was here where I developed the skillset necessary to succeed in journalism; such as having fluency in written and oral communication, knowledge in various languages, competence in analysis and logic, as well as observation and argumentation skills.

Since working in print and online journalism, I've developed a keen interest in writing features. I love writing features because they allow me to tell a persons story—I get to connect to people in a way where I wouldn’t be able to in regular news stories. Features aren't the only pieces I write—you'll also be able to find various news articles in my portfolio as well.

I am currently based in London, England.

For any inquiries, you can contact me at: