Yiwen Li

 -  a young journalist, based in the UK and China

International Journalist

Career Objective

I would like to apply my coding strategies and multimedia skills into journalism work. Join mind-like colleagues to shape the future form of Journalism by taking advantage of techniques.

Technology has greatly changed the way of doing journalism. As I experienced when I was working for a couple of news outlets in China, with the help of mobile devices and the internet, I am able to report breaking news at the scene, to send few lines back to the editor and to get it published online in few minutes. In the following hours, there are videos and audios available on the internet and meanwhile, the published article has been updated continuously with more detailed and latest contents.

I have witnessed how technology has facilitated journalists' work and has enabled news-reporting to be more fast and efficient. But the benefits received from new techniques are more than this. Not only there is a renew way of doing journalism but also it creates more possible ways of telling stories: data journalism, interactive websites and visual realities.

Rumours spread say that, robots will take over the work of journalists, typing the keyboard and producing news. Truth or not, there is no way journalists could escape the revolution initiated by technology. So, why not embrace it?

The MA Multimedia Journalism courses I received from the University of Westminster contribute significantly to the enhancement of my coding abilities and multimedia skills. At the same time, I have gotten great improvement on Dreamweaver, Premiere, Audition, Photoshop and InDesign.

I better prepared for the digital ear and ready devote myself back to Journalism work.


Email: liyiwen0924@163.com
LinkedIn: uk.linkedin.com/in/liyiwen0924
Wechat: liyiwen_0924