Yiwen Li

 -  a young journalist, based in the UK and China

International Journalist

Journalism Portfolio

An ambitious journalist with abilities of observing closely social issues and then exploring the reasons behind. A strong interest in social affairs and a nose for newsworthiness.

Passionate for a variety of events, from culture, entertainment to arts. Willing to try new things, eager to learn and embrace challenges.

Strong skills in news and feature writing, with good multimedia abilities such as filming, recording and infographic processing.

A poorly regulated acupuncture market in London

Anyone in the UK can legally refer themselves as acupuncture practitioners, even if they have no relevant training.

London Tattoo: From the Elite to common British

Over 100 years ago, tattoo is an elite pleasure. You had to be royalty or the son of a Prime Minister if you want to get one.

Obesity collection: a peak at the fat issue

Obesity has become a globally rising issue, an urban epidemic that is common in developed countries, including the UK.

Motors evolution: from the verteran to Bond’s DB10

A spectrum of motors spanning over 10 decades - from the history to the future – is on display.

UK: A good place to study but a hard place to stay

Overseas students would like to work in the UK, but it is hard to achieve, as they facing less friendly visa requirements.

Parents: move home closer to good schools

One mile closer and a bigger chance to get enrolled, a shared knowledge among parents.

Lord Mayor’s Show celebrates its 800th Birthday

People are crowding on New Change and waiting to greet their new Mayor – Alderman Jeffrey Mountevans.

Government to lower threshold of owning a property

Government expects an expansion to the shared-ownership scheme; it will benefit 175,000 citizens from owning own houses.

Information Act: Journalists defend rights of asking

Freedom of Information Act has been threatened to be watered down, as some politicians attempt to refuse information request.

Londoners pay £27/weekfor public transport

Transport stood out as the highest cost, accounting for 14 per cent of the overall family spending in 2014.

Alice's adventure in wonderland: the 150th birthday

Despite it has been 150 years, Alice’s stories continues to inspire new generations of writers and illustrators.

Britons: we better stay in

The emerging Europe’s migration crisis and the interminable euro mess has raised the dispute again, stay in or out.

Beating Facebook’s Privacy Violation

A student from Silicon Valley has won in a legal battle for online privacy protection against Facebook.

The first Chinese Scientist wins Nobel Prize

Youyou Tu, a scientist without a doctoral degree and no overseas background, has been awarded 2015 Nobel Prize.