Yiwen Li

 -  a young journalist, based in the UK and China

International Journalist

Professional Experience

A strong passion for journalism work, covering events in the fields of politics, social affairs and culture, such as the 2015 annual national conference in China at Beijing, the Panel of “2016 International Women’s Day” at the City University London and 2016 London Fashion Weekend.

An open mind to different cultures and customs, with a positive relationship with people from all backgrounds

Equipped with good communication skills and proper manner in the socialisation. A devotion to logic, with quick response to emergencies and problems.


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30 March 2016

- Pitch website

2016 International Women's Day Panel "Is gender parity possible?"

08 March 2016

- Live report
- Participate in discussion

international women's day
london fashion weekend

London Fashion Weekend

26 Febrary 2016

- Photograph
- Live report

China Media Center Panel "Just Write What You've Seen: The BBC and its China coverage"

02 December 2015

- Participate in discussion
- Share knowledge of journalistic ethics

Chinese Media Centre Panel
Entrepreneurs Summit of China and South Korea

Entrepreneurs Summit of China and South Korea

19 May 2015 - 21 May 2015

- Conduct interviews
- Live report

The National People's Congress & The Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference

03 March 2015 - 15 March 2015

- Conduct interviews
- Live report

2015 national conference