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Ever wondered how you could find out what kind of personality your kitty has? Well, look no further!

With this explainer, we’ll help you in identifying your furry friend’s personality by analyzing the shape of their paw. All cats have distinct paw prints, and from these prints you’ll be able to identify the unique nature of your lovable pet.

Interested in our test? Grab your kitty and start following along!

dead1 What kind of personality does your cat have?

Hold you cat and look at the pad of your kitty’s left paw.

Identify the shape of the pads by looking at the five catagories below:

dead1 What kind of personality does your cat have?

A. The top of the pad is shaped like a heart.

This kitty likes to interact with their owners and unfamiliar people. These cats are clinging and are always willing to give feedback when being called.

B. The top of the pad is round.

These cats are wild animals who love adventures. Among the five types of cats, Cat B is popular and appealing—but they normally need personal space and like to have some distance from their owner from time to time.

C.The top part of the pad is relatively flat.

These types of kitties are quiet, elegant, and independent. They don’t like to play with their owners or other cats. Cat C is usually not willing to show their emotions—or even show when they have an illness, which means the owner needs to pay more attention to them.

D. The top part of the pad is relatively flat, but the junction part between pads are smaller compared to type C.

These types of cats are arrogant and are only close to people that they like. They are likely to run away when coming into contact with a stranger. Owners also need to pay close attention to Cat D because they cannot control their diet.

E. The shape of the pad is similar to a triangle.

These types of kitties usually have the worst character of all the cats. They are jumpy and uncontrollable compared Cat A, B, C, and D.

I know what you’re thinking: Can this test actually tell me my cat’s personality? Well, the answer is yes because the analysis is based on scientific results!

Numerology master, Chen, from Japan, has analysed thousands of kitties and has recently produced a book called Palmistry of Cats. This book aims to teach people how to raise and develop a nice relationship with their pets. If you have more than one cat, you can also learn how to create a peaceful environment between the two. I hope you found this explainer insightful and that you’re able to understand your little kitty just a little bit more now! After all, just like humans, all cats have a unique personality.