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We get it. Mornings can be tough.

Not everyone can wake up with a smile on their face and sing along to the birds chirping outside. The majority of us just want to lay in bed for a few more hours—admit it, we know you hit ‘snooze’ too.

No matter what kind of morning person you are, everyone starts their day off differently.

We asked several people what they do in the morning. The answers we received were very interesting as everyone had a unique routine that was best suited to them.

Maybe after reading these morning schedules, you’ll be inspired to start your day off a little bit differently!

So, what do you do to start your day?

Melissa, 21, female, Student.

I set my alarm clock for 6:00AM, then press snooze about 5 times. After I get out of bed, I go upstairs to eat breakfast when I know no one else will be there because I like eating alone. I then go back to my bed and take a nap and sleep for another hour or two. Then I brush my teeth and take a shower, comb my hair, put on clothes...make sure everything is in my bag for school. I make sure my room’s clean then leave for class.

health How do you start your day?

Sarah, 39 years old, Health Claims Benefit Examiner

I am an early bird and so I look forward to getting up each and every morning to start my busy day. First and foremost is brushing my teeth and splashing some water on my face. Once my coffee finishes brewing, I’ll turn on the TV and watch a bit of news and sip my coffee while looking at social media.

Next up, I put my gym gear on and go for a 30-minute run. As soon as I get back home I jump in the shower. While my hair is towel drying, I apply body lotion, facial moisturizer and make up. I will then make breakfast (protein shake) and get lunch ready. The hair towel then comes off and the blow drying begins followed by choosing my outfit for the day. Once the purse and lunch bag is my hands, I put on my shoes and coat and I’m ready to get out there and give it all I can!

Julius, 23, male, Behavioural Interventionalist for children with learning disabilities.

I start mine by not starting it. I set my alarm an hour in advance and then lay there as I listen to the entire album that's in my cd player (my alarm). Then I get up and walk my dog Polo.

Eve, 25, female, Receptionist.

Generally, in the morning when I wake up I have a strong craving for coffee and once I have that first cup of coffee it relaxes me and allows me to start my day. I also like to drink my cup of coffee in bed while still in my pyjamas.

As I'm drinking my coffee, I also like to listen to some of my favourite music and sort of think about things that are going on in my life, what I want to do with my life and prioritizing my schedule of the day. After about an hour of this, and coffee finished, I always then step into the bathroom and have a nice warm shower. I then get dressed and start my day.

Stephan, 19, male, Student.

In order to start my day I need to wake up earlier to get the most out of the day. By doing so I set my phones alarm system to notify me when to wake up. First step after getting out of bed is to shower, as it makes me feel refreshed and clears my head.

After this is done, I try to eat a high-calorie breakfast that usually consists of eggs and oatmeal, which is key to help me start my day off right. During the week, I have to use transportation to get to school and during the ride, I always have my headphones on to listen to my favourite songs before class starts.

Anna, 22, female, Communications Agent.

I have a few different ways that I start out. So, depending if I have to wake up at a specific time, I set my alarm at least 5 different times. For example, 6:30 AM, 6:31 AM, 6:32 AM..., and then my mom/brother/dad/grandma and even my dog Otis wake me up. Usually two of the five people listed.

Then I scroll through my phone, take a shower, put on some makeup/listen to music or watch YouTube/Netflix. And run out the door cause I’m usually late by that point.