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Xi has four main achievements during the last five years:

  • Coping with the slowing economy.
  • Building up economic relationships with other nations.
  • Tackling corrupt civil servants.
  • Ending China’s one-child policy.

Based on reports from the national news outlet, Xinhua, this change is consistent with what the Chinese society wants. But there is no further explanation of why it is suitable for the society. Xi’s supporters say he is the man who can stabilise and unite the country.

There is no national debate or any visible criticism among social media. Likely, this is because online censors in China have blocked discussion about this topic.

WeChat, the mainstream social media in China, has forbidden any user to change their profile images. Newly registered accounts are unable to leave any comment on WeChat subscriptions. But we don’t know whether these two things have a connection to the ruling and when this block will be removed.

However, some anti-Xi posters have appeared at western universities in the US, the UK, France, Australia, and Canada.

dead1 (Photo credit: @STOPXIJINGPING)

It’s too early to tell whether Xi will remain as President for life, but this change has created the possibility. We don’t know how he would use this superpower in his politics, or regarding the economy and military. Only time will tell.