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Tea is a part of everyday life in the UK. That's why you need to know how to make it right.

1. Use a teapot made of porcelain or glazed earthenware, and a good quality loose leaf or bagged tea. At least 2g of tea is used for every 100ml of water—meaning around 2 teabags for a small pot of water.

2. Pour boiling water into the pot, up to 4mm and 6mm below the brim.

3. Leave the infused leaves or teabags for six minutes.

4. Put at least 2.5 ml of milk in your cup (optional).

5. Pour the tea-infused water from the pot to the cup, making sure its temperature is between 60 °C(140 °F) and 85 °C(185 °F).

health How to make a great cup of tea

Then do you think you can enjoy the best cuppa? Not yet unless you know how to drink!

1. Use a cup. We say a cup of tea, rather than a mug of tea. It will taste better when consumed from fine bone china.

2. Hold a teacup right. Use your thumb and your forefinger to pinch in between the handle, with your middle finger supporting. Remember not to extend your little finger!

3. Stir tea. Go back and forth, but do not go round to create a whirlpool.

4. Shake out drips on the teaspoon. Flick and replace it at the back of the teacup rather than hit it on the side.

5. While drinking, look into the teacup, not over it.

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