Hey, my name is Lavanya.

I was going to do this the old-fashioned, formal way, but when you get bored halfway through writing your own profile, you can’t really expect other people to stick with you right to the end. That’s why I’m going to do this my way.

I was born in 1995, meaning that I’m part of the ‘in-between’ generation, for whom the world changed overnight. One day, I was out playing hide and seek and the other, I had a phone in my hand. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though. I think the internet is the greatest thing that ever happened to us—the Congress that’s listening to Mark Zuckerberg testify right now would be a bit skeptical about the claim, but that doesn’t really change the fact that global media was irrevocably transformed the moment we put phones into everyone’s pockets, including mine.

I live on the internet. It’s where I get my news, my music, my connections, my memes, and my fanfiction from. I have a full-time job as a student at the University of Westminster (my work can be found in the Portfolio section of this website), and a part-time one as a writer about all things music. I tend to lean—as will be evident through the Published In and Features section on this website—towards East Asian Cinema and music, particularly K-pop.

When I'm not listening to what is probably an unhealthy amount of K-pop, I am coding.

I moved to the UK in September 2017 for my Masters degree. Before that, I was working in Native Advertising at the Indian news and entertainment website, ScoopWhoop. In my year and a half of being employed at ScoopWhoop, I authored over 100 articles and wrote scripts for videos.

Since moving to the UK, I’ve interned at Dazed Digital, and will start another work placement at The Guardian’s National News Desk in April 2018.

If you want to talk about how great EXO-CBX's new album is or how Mamamoo is the sound of future girl-groups in K-pop, my Twitter account is here.

If you want to have a look at my past work,here is my LinkedIn account. You can also contact me at lavanyasingh.work@gmail.com

Picture Courtesy: my very talented classmate Katt Adachi.