Zeyad Salem

Multimedia Producer

Aug 2015 - April 2015 Associate Creative Director

After working in news production for three years,and before starting my Masters,I accepted an offer to work in advertising as I wanted to learn the ability to engage the audience, so I can include this experience in news production.

My job was mainly to design creative concepts and visual solutions to multinational clients as well as managing and overseeing the creative teams involved in production of below the line and above the line Ads.

Skills : Audience engagement, advertising, marketing, PR, social mediastrategy, pitching and presentation

March 2015 - Nov 2013 TV Producer/Editor

I joined CBC network in November 2013 as a member of a team of producers to establish CBC Extra, that has become now one of Egypt's and the region's leading news channels.

Prepare format/rundown for newscast, summaries, updates or assigned special event coverage.

Provide Control Room with critical information regarding the timing, content and execution of live shots while program is on-air.

Skills: News Judgement, Agenda setting, control room management, coordination, teamwork.

Oct.2013 - July 2012 TV Producer/Editor

Research, write and produce assined segments.

Book guests and coordinate logistics pertaining to guest appearances.

innovative digital tools to enhance the broadcast.

Follow Current Affairs social & political issues that are trending on the web and are in the news.

Skills : Research, Guest booking, deadlines, on air decision making, leadership, communication and TV Broadcast skills, TV scriptwriting, Live coverage,work under pressure, problem solving and media planning.